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So, what is that Pinterest website, anyway?l

Trent Chavez

Thank you to guest blogger Trenton Chavez, a junior public relations major, for writing this post about Pinterest. Trent started working at Flash Communications this semester.

THE GIST – Social mediums are constantly popping up everywhere, it seems. Usually, they do not pick up, and Facebook and Twitter quickly stomp them down. Pinterest, the new kid on the block, is attracting attention from social media lovers with its image collection design.

So, what is Pinterest, anyway? Pinterest is a website that contains collaborative “online pinboards.” The new medium allows users with similar interests to attach pictures to these pinboards for others to see. Categories range from art to fashion to recipes to wedding ideas.

So, why has Pinterest received praise, while other mediums quickly fail? Personally, I believe it comes down to people liking to feel they’re contributing to something. Because the pinboards allow users to add personal or inspirational pictures, a sense of contribution is evident.

THE PR SIDE OF THINGS – Being a public relations major, I’m always thinking of things from a communications standpoint. “How can Pinterest be used in a PR aspect?” was the first question that came to my mind when I began writing this post.

For organizations, gaining attention on a website with many images may be a difficult task – the competition of attracting viewers’ eyes; however, with Pinterest picking up momentum, PR professionals need to start thinking creatively.

The statistics of the social medium are impressive. Pinterest is the 60th most-visited website in the United States; Its page visits jumped from 10 million to 17 million last month; And its Alexa rank is 129. Alexa rank is a web ranking system based on visits. What does all this mean, you may ask? It means opportunity.

To be successful, public relations professionals must shape ideas to the target audiences’ interests. Need help generating ideas of how to use Pinterest to highlight your organization? Check out 7 ways to use Pinterest to promote your business on PR Daily.

Part of Pinterest’s success can be attributed to its invite-only signup. By keeping the registration invite-only, the medium is able to keep the user-base contained to target audiences. Exclusivity also makes Pinterest’s users feel special. Success is all about making the audience feel special, right?

Along with the exclusivity, Pinterest’s website used to state, “Pin thoughtfully.”  This statement ties back to the importance of re-pins. Only relevant pins will be on the page of your interest. Bryan Landers of Quora also named Pinterest as a “community-centric” website, which I believe is very fitting.

A social medium wouldn’t be complete without the ability to respond, now would it? Like other social platforms, Pinterest allows users to comment and like pinned items.

IN CLOSING – Like I said before, to be successful, communications teams need to remain current on ways to reach key audiences. Pinterest allows its users to come together as a community and build pinboards. Because of the community-driven atmosphere and ability to select interests, the medium is a great way to target audiences.

Pinterest is gaining momentum fast. It is even picking up some steam in the Flash Communications office. Get to know some of the staff better by checking out our pinboards board

I always find it interesting when a newcomer is able to “make it” in the digital world. New ideas, creative thinking, passion, and a lotta’ luck will take a new online tool far.

Why do you love Pinterest?