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Former Flash Friday: Marissa Mendel

Marissa Mendel Headshot

Marissa Mendel, Marketing Communications Specialist, thunder::tech

Today is the day we have been waiting for at Flash Communications: Former Flash-Comm Friday! Each week we will be highlighting the achievements of our former Flash employees every Friday.

Our very first Former Flash is Marissa Mendel, who is now the marketing communications specialist at thunder::tech, an integrated marketing agency in Cleveland was a public relations major who worked at Flash Communications in the second semester of senior year.

Mendel says that Flash Comm helped her in her professional life, by providing her with writing samples to show off while job hunting after her graduation in 2010. She advises current or future Flash Communications employees to take advantage of the hands-on experiences provided on campus during their education.

“Seize any opportunities at Flash Comm, or anywhere, to learn a new skill or participate in a project that is different from what you normally do,” says Mendel.  “Not only will these experiences help you grow your resume, but just the willingness to adapt and learn will go very far during your career.”

Aside from professional experience, Mendel was able to foster relationships with her peers that carried her beyond Flash Communications.

“I worked with and got to know my now fiancé, Tyler Norris, at Flash,” says Mendel. “We’re getting married this June!”

*Flash Communications cannot guarantee you’ll find your future fiancé but, we can give you the opportunity to fall in love with your job. Flash Communications is a hands-on experience for students learning about the professional public relations industry. When these students graduate, they have the knowledge and skills that can carry them through a successful career. We’d like to recognize and applaud the success of our former Flash students every Friday with Former FlashComm Fridays.