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Tales from a student-PR agency at Kent State University

10 Things to Love about Public Relations

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By: Audra Gormley

  1. Getting to work and network with creative, intelligent professionals. Public relations professionals are often very creative, innovative people who are motivated in their field. Ideas and connections seamlessly flow between one PR pro to the next. Public relations professionals are great at being mentors, friends and easy-going colleagues.
  2. We have the power. Public relations runs on advocacy and through advocacy comes change. Public relations professionals are really good at setting out to change the world and making their organization’s wishes a reality. Public Relations can be used to make a real impact. Public relations can raise awareness, inform people on serious issues and ultimately lead in acting to better the world around us.
  3. We’re the friend who tells the best stories. Public relations professionals are great at telling stories and relaying the message. With terrific writing skills and effective communication, we can make any story into a hit!
  4. anigif_enhanced-buzz-15656-1381982607-5We are your Swiss army knife. Public relations professionals are good at many things, from writing, to social media, to interacting with clients, we can pretty much do it all. Our general, solid skills can be morphed into just about any task on your to do list. We’re great to have around!
  5. We can pivot our career to suit our changing interests. There are so many facets of public relations. It seems like there is something for everyone. There are careers in public relations relating to: politics, fashion, entertainment, environmental, travel etc. Pretty much any interest you have, there is a PR job for you out there.
  6. Working with cool clients. Public relations is an essential tool in any organizations success. That being said, we get to work with some pretty cool companies ranging from Panera to GE to Starbucks. There are endless opportunities to work with fun, creative organizations.
  7. butter-flyIt’s okay to be a social butterfly. Public
    elations professionals are almost always interacting with clients, organizations, attending events and getting to know their co-workers. Being social is just part of the job!
  8. Work can be flexible! With technology being at our fingertips, working remote as a PR professional becomes possible from any place in the world. Public relations is becoming more digital and is creating more opportunities for working moms, retired professionals and up-and-coming pros, to work from wherever they are.
  9. Public Relations makes you feel like a BOSS! We are quick on our feet and very good at smoothing out the bumps. We are great planners, event coordinators and there is nothing getting in our way!
  10. tenorWe’re taking over the world! Well not exactly, but according to statistics collected about growing careers, public relations is on a steady incline! That means more jobs for PR pros! Whoohooo!


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