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8 Reasons to Listen to the FlashCast Podcast

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ICYMI, the Flash Communications students have started a podcast to discuss the latest trends in public relations, social media and communication. In case you haven’t listened to the FlashCast Podcast, here are eight reasons you should check it out.


  1. Stay current with public relations news and trends. Keep up with the industry trends as we discuss what’s new in the world of public relations. Some of our past episodes have focused on topics, such as Super Bowl commercials, Kent State’s rebranding campaign and updates to social media.
  2. Zabrina. Zabrina provides much of the comedic relief of the show, giving memorable quotes, such as “My cousin thought Bateman was the name of my boyfriend because I talked about it so often.”
  3. Get advice from some of Kent State’s top public relations students. How do students balance their time while taking classes, working, being involved in extracurricular activities and maintaining a social life? How should you develop your personal brand? The Flash Communications students have answered these, and other questions in past FlashCast episodes.
  4. Through the power of technology, you will be able to hear Marcus Donaldson’s voice. And he has a lot of interesting information to share.
  5. Find out what a fun place Flash Communications is to work. The podcasts are always kept conversational and show off everyone’s personality and interests. Learn more about the Flash Comm students and get a glimpse into the working environment of the agency.
  6. It’s portable and easy to subscribe to. Listen to the FlashCast podcast during your morning commute, at work, while you work out or any time of the day!
  7. Hear from students who love what they are doing. The podcast is not scripted and gives real perspectives from students about various topics. You can tell they are actually passionate about what they are learning in their classes and where they want their careers to go.
  8. We are your #squadgoals. 


Listen to our latest episode about social media changes:


Author: Hanna Moore

Kent State PR Alumna with a passion for social media, late night talk shows, puppies and iced coffee.

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