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Tales from a student-PR agency at Kent State University

20 Times Parks and Recreation Described Being a Public Relations Major #PRProblems

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When you attend your first networking event and try represent yourself as a professional.


You’ve picked out the perfect blazer for the occasion and practiced your elevator pitch at least five times.

When someone asks if PR is like Samantha from Sex and the City or Olivia Pope from Scandal.


No, public relations is not party planning, spin, or covering up murders.

When you stop at Starbucks every day before class.


If I’m not supposed to go to Starbucks every day, then why is it located two minutes from Franklin Hall?

When someone asks you about current events.


What is my opinion on the Chipotle PR crisis? How perfect. We just discussed this in class.

When all of your deadlines fall on the same day.


How am I supposed to finish my two stories, essay and study for my exam and manage to be a functional human being?

When you have to use Adobe Premiere for a video project.


What do you mean I have to render the clip before it exports? What do any of those words mean?

When you conduct an interview for a news story and feel like an actual professional.


Did you see my centerpiece story in today’s paper? This must be what it feels like to work for The New York Times.

When you pull an all nighter studying for an exam.


Sleep is for the weak.

When a non-JMC friend asks you to proofread a paper.


You are a college student. How do you still get “you’re” and “your” mixed up?

When you are asked to be on a team for the Bateman Case Study Competition.


Cue the happy dancing.  

When you turn in your final case studies plan and feel proud of your work but emotionally drained.


You’ll probably have nightmares of strategies and SMART objectives for the next few weeks.

When you attend the YouToo social media conference and are amazed by all of the new social media trends.


Periscope? Snapchat? Facebook live streaming? Please, tell me more.

When you get into an argument with your group for a class project.


You know you’re going to end up doing most of the work yourself, anyways.

When your friends complain that you tweet about PR too much.


#Sorrynotsorry I retweet PR Daily and HuffPost every day.

When you order food to Franklin Hall during a late-night group meeting or newsroom shift.


I have to go! My Jimmy John’s order is here!

When you and your best friend are put in the same group for a presentation.


It’s just like Christmas, but better!

When you try to pick out the perfect font for your resume.


Helvetica? Garamond? Arial? DEFINITELY not Comic Sans.

When you attend PRSSA National Conference and meet students from across the country.



When you nail your final Campaigns presentation.


*drops mic*

When you realize your hard work has paid off, and you feel prepared you for a career in public relations.





Author: Hanna Moore

Kent State PR Alumna with a passion for social media, late night talk shows, puppies and iced coffee.

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