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Former Flash Friday: Kelli Fitzpatrick

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Today for FormerFlash Friday, we will be highlighting the achievements of one of Flash Communication’s brightest former employees, Kelli Fitzpatrick.

Kelli FitzpatrickKelli graduated spring 2014 with a degree in magazine journalism, and is now the internal communications intern at Disney Hollywood Studios! [update: Kelli moved to an internship position in Creative Entertainment Communications in January]

Fitzpatrick says that Flash Comm helped her gain more experience outside of the magazine world, which helped her when she applied for Disney.

“It was beneficial to have internal communications experience on my resume when I applied for Disney, as my experience before Flash was mostly newspaper and magazine-based,” she says.

She says that Flash Comm gave her a lot of great portfolio pieces, which she says were essential in showing employers what she was capable of.

“Flash was one of my favorite internships, it was such a fun atmosphere,” she says. “But I took it seriously and went after stories I was interested in.”

Fitzpatrick encourages current and future Flash Comm employees to enjoy their time there and take advantage of the networking opportunities by reaching out to sources even after a story is published to make a connection.

Flash Communications is a hands-on experience for students learning about the professional public relations industry. When these students graduate, they have the knowledge and skills that can carry them through a successful career. We’d like to recognize and applaud the success of our former Flash students every Friday with Former FlashComm Fridays.


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