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Tales from a student-PR agency at Kent State University

A Retrospective from the Graduation Precipice

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Senior Public Relations Major Katie Paukst Ponders the Meaning of College Graduation

For the past 17 years I have woken up every day and gone to school. It has been the same routine every day, with the expectation of summer. But in less than three weeks, that is all about to change for me. No more are the days of sleeping in on Fridays because you don’t have class, or buying Ramen noodles by the bulk because you can’t afford anything else. Now it’s time to work those 40+ hour weeks and start to make a name for one’s self.

Though most people are scared of the real world – and wish they could be the next Van Wilder – one thing I can say without hesitation is that Kent State has really prepared me. Being in the Public Relations department for the past three years, I have learned so many valuable lessons and skills to apply to my future career.

One thing that I can say to those who are about to graduate is that no one here at Kent State wants to see you fail. Network wherever you are, always ask questions and remember that your teachers do know what they are talking about.

Some things I have learned along the way from my mentors:

  • Get a LinkedIn profile and always keep it updated. If it’s not updated, it’s useless.
  • Make business/networking cards with your information on them to hand out. A lot of websites will print ones for free.  Vistaprint is a great one because they will send you 500 personally designed business cards for free.
  • Take as many internships as you can. The more experience you have, the better prepared you are.
  • Find and review all of the comments your teachers have written on your papers. Chances are they have made a good point that you are unaware about.
  • Utilize all of the resources around you, including your teachers, co-workers and peers.
  • Be an active member of groups that interest you or are affiliated with your major. Usually these groups have connections with alumni in your career area.

So even though December 15th is right around the corner, I know that with my internship experience and skills I have learned from Kent State and Flash Communication, I am ready to tackle the world of PR.


Author: LukeArmour

Luke Armour is the Coordinator of Flash Communications, managing this bright student intern PR agency housed in Kent's University Communications & Marketing. He's also an Assistant Professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State University.

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