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More Tips from Pros – Part Two of Video Series

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The moment you’ve been waiting for… Here is the second part of the two-part video series of interviews with communications and public relations professionals. Check out the last two videos to find tips from the pros on professional dress and e-mail etiquette. See part one of the video series here.

Flash Communications student Aubrey Haskins produced the clips after interviewing pros for a video presentation as part of Kent State’s Public Relations Student Society of America’s presentation at the national conference in Washington D.C., in October.

Watch as Tom Neumann, associate vice president, University Communications and Marketing; Kevin Brosien, manager, marketing; Emily Vincent, director of media relations, Bob Burford, marketing coordinator; and Ben Brugler, executive vice president, Akhia Public Relations and Marketing Communications, share tips on how to effectively network.

Professional Dress

E-mail Etiquette

Do you agree with these tips? Do you have related stories to share?


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