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Tales from a student-PR agency at Kent State University

Flash Communications Helps Launch May 4 Newsroom

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This semester, the students at Flash Communications are assisting with public relations activities for the 40th anniversary of May 4, 1970. The events of May 4, 1970, placed Kent State University in an international spotlight after a student protest against the Vietnam War and the presence of the Ohio National Guard ended in tragedy. Four students were killed and nine wounded.

Students have been involved in the creation of a May 4 online newsroom, which is designed to serve as a resource for journalists to make it easy for those covering the 40th anniversary to gather information and develop story ideas, and the general public who want to find out more. Flash students are also assisting with social media efforts to engage those with different viewpoints.  Visit the May 4 blog, the May 4 Facebook page, the May 4 Twitter page, the May 4 YouTube channel and the May 4 Flickr photos to see their work and join the discussion.

Take a few seconds to hear directly from the students about their efforts and what May 4 means to them, 40 years later.  Find more videos on our Flash Communications YouTube channel. Flash student Robert Checkal produced this clips using his fancy new camera.


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