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Tales from a student-PR agency at Kent State University

Student agency moves into new home for fall semester

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Flash Communications has a new home with University Communications and Marketing.

Flash Communications has a new home in University Communications and Marketing.

I’m so pumped to resume work at Flash Communications this semester. You see, I’ve been off for summer break, and have enjoyed every waking minute of it, spending time with my kiddos, but I’m ready to go back. One of the main reasons is to work with the four new students I hired in the fall. It’s always such an exciting time to orient the students and learn their work style. Of course, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my returning students too.

Another reason I’m excited to return is because we have a new space. Up until now, Flash Communications has been housed in the lobby of University Communications and Marketing. My desk was tucked away in a nook and the student workstations lined the back wall of the lobby area. It wasn’t optimal for productivity on anyone’s part, especially the women who support UCM, who also occupy that space. It was hard for all of us to focus in such a high-traffic area, with a multitude of conversations to block out.

Over the summer, UCM redesigned the photo dark room and opened it up to house the student agency. We even have new carpet and paint.

Each semester we have a welcome reception for the new students. Members of UCM usually attend, but this semester, we’re extending the invite to the other PR professors and the dean of the College of  Communication and Information and the director of the journalism program. I think they’ll like our new digs.


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